2018 Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

Categories: Installations

Place: Concord NC

Our company is among many who sell lambo door kits. Where we leave the rest of the pack behind is that we go above and beyond simply selling a lambo door kit, we ensure they get a professional installation also. 

We are the only company that comes to you to install your lambo door kit. This trip in particular brought us to Concord North Carolina, where upon arriving we were met by an incredibly gorgeous 2018 Camaro SS hot wheels edition with that bright eye catching orange.

The installation process was pretty much the same as the non Hot Wheels versions. 

  • remove both front tires
  • remove wheel well covers
  • remove inner fender foam
  • remove inner fender bolts both front and back
  • remove door latch 
  • remove all top screws
  • remove fender


Once the fender is removed there are only a couple tabs that will need to be cut of to allow the hinge kit to sit flush against the frame.

After you bolt the lambo door kit onto the car, then simply adjust it to all your place marks you previously made after tightening the door plate to the door.

Once all your lines and marks match, simply tighten the kit to the frame side of the car. 


Make all your needed alignment adjustments and then reassemble the vehicle. 



As always, if you have questions please contact us.